Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Miracle : What Six Months Can Do

 Six of our therapists gathered to share news that will shock you all! Everyone knows Emma has been accomplishing more and more every day but NO ONE expected Emma would reach these levels, let alone reach them in the first six months of therapy! We recently had our six month IFSP Evaluation Meeting where everyone shared their notes from the past six months on Emma's therapy sessions.

Some of our therapists use the Hawaiian Early Learning Profile (HELP) Evaluation.  At 10 months old, these were Emma's evaluation HELP results:

HELP Domains                     Age Equivalent                % of Delay
Self Help                                         3 months                       70%
Social                                             3 months                        70%
Receptive Language                     5 months                         50%
Expressive Language                   4 months                         60 %
Gross Motor                                 4 months                         60%
Fine Motor                                    3 months                        70%
Cognitive                                      5 months                        50%

In a matter of four months,..... these are Emma's results that were recorded at 14 months of age....

HELP Domains                          Age Equivalent                          % of Delay
Self Help                                           9 months                                   36%
Social                                                10 months                                 28%
Receptive Language                         8 months                                   43%
Expressive Language                       7 months                                    50%
Gross Motor                                      9 months                                   36%
Fine Motor                                       9 months                                    36%
Cognitive                                         8 months                                    43%

This is what it looks like when you DO NOT take "NO" for an answer! For all the statistics that were shown to us that our genetically abnormal child would be SEVERELY mentally, physically, and socially delayed..... Check out our 4 month time frame filled with 6 months of developmental milestones!

Nothing is impossible and Emma is proof ... Its hard work and you have to be willing to devote all of your time to the success of your child for many months! The thought that people go by what their physicians tell them. God is the only physician who can determine Emma's outcome in life!

This is what happens when you pave your own path and not let statistics rule your life!

SuperMom is signing out ...That is all! :) :) :)

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