Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sensory Strides.......

Today has been an emotional day for Mommy. .. to say the least .. But this afternoon things took a turn for the best,.... FOR ONCE!

We were scheduled to get her hearing aids today in St Louis of course being in the PICU that didn't happen. I was bummed about that.. I was bummed that we were only home for 46 hours before we ended up back in the PICU. Just one of those days.....

But in walks Diana (Emma's speech therapist) who initially was just stopping in for her afternoon visit. Diana looks at me and say, "She's six months, right?"..... "Yes,.." I replied..... To my surprise she looks at me and says, "Let's try baby food, if they will let us!" and thrilled to death I shout, "Really?!?!??!?!?" Diana heads out to the nurses station to see if Dr Basnet will put in an order.

This really emotionally crap-tastic day just may bring something good our way!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Carrots! Carrots! I never dreamed I would be this excited about... CARROTS!!"

Dr Basnet agrees! :) Diana is off to get baby food. I know better by this point ... DON'T GET EXCITED UNTIL YOU GET GOOD NEWS... anything can happen?

In walks Diana with some carrots :) Holding Emma upright in my arms we give it a try...

"HOLY COW! What is this stuff..... ITS AMAZING!" <--- If Emma could talk.. that would be her verbal reaction. She LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT!!!! Although everything is a process with Emma. We have to start out slow and work our way up. At this point... She is having three spoonfuls three times a day :)

The most amazing part is that is another sensory input we didn't think she would be able to have. Her glasses should be here soon with the appropriate lenses in them so they work for her. Her hearing aids are in st Louis ready for her we just have to have time to get down there for an appointment to get them on and set on the appropriate setting for her and see if that is going to help her! :)

With Emma our biggest goal is, "Quality of Life, not Quantity!!" We want the time she does have to be the most amazing time it can be for her. In a few weeks, we have made huge sensory strides for her !

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  1. Amazing! So happy for you guys! You are such an amazingly strong person..all of you. I don't know that many of us could handle the every day stress you're under, but it just proves how truly blessed you guys are for your little miracle Emma :)


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