Monday, February 4, 2013

A Unique Celebration:

Many are asking how it is we plan to celebrate Emma's first birthday and will they be invited?

As many of you know Emma suffers from Hypogammaglobulinenemia, which means she is unable to fight off infection. With Emma's birthday being in the winter- it is impossible for us to allow people to come see her, no matter what the reason. I know that all of you want to celebrate this amazing year with us and all of her accomplishments. Emma has so many toys she doesnt know what to do with them. She is growing well and is even making her way into 24 month clothes, can you believe it! At Christmas, she was in 12 months. Our miracle baby is continuing to fight with all her heart.

The people we have met over the last year have been the most amazing people one could ever be blessed with knowing, especially our phenominal medical team/family! We want more than anything for you to all know that if Emma were able to we would have the biggest birthday party you could possibly imagine! ! ! ! ! However, we cannot take the chance that celebrating this year of accomplishments with a large group of people, in an enclosed room-- would more than likely cause Emma to contract an infection that would make her very ill. She would then have to go to the PICU where they are several other infections that could potentially cost her, her life. None of us want this.

I know you are all wanting to celebrate... You know me I have a plan... :)

Before all of this happened, a favorite hobby of mine was scrapbooking. . . So, I thought why not make scrapbook(s) of all the cards Emma receives for her first birthday! :) This will be something she can look back on and know how many people loved and supported her throught her first trying year of life. This will be something that she will have forever. Most of her photo books/scrapbooks are a lot of hospitals pictures... Lets start the new year out right with cards full of prayers, inspiring quotes/moments, I will read every single card to her. (She really is taking a new interest in books :) so this will be amazing for her.) Please do not feel obligated to send a gift or even a card. I have just had so many loved ones asking what we are doing for Emma's birthday and I wanted to think of a way that Emma wouldnt get sick and people could still send her Birthday wishes and let her know how loved she is. I can post pictures, etc. Please do not feel obligated and for those of you that have been asking-- I hope you are unstanding of my decision. I know it may not be what you all had in mind but this is what is best for Emma.

Thanks to a tremendous amount of love, wonderful doctor's and nurses, the miracle of modern medicine, a fair amount of prayer, and one little girl's fighters spirit - their little bundle of joy is healthy, prosperous, and ready to turn one!

Our address:

The McGovern Family


RR 3 Box 211 A

Rushville, IL 62681

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