Monday, December 3, 2012

Sound Check? ....

This Friday, December 7th is something Kory and I are really looking forward too!
Emma will be getting her new set of hearing aids and according to her new Audiologist.. she thinks Emma's hearing may be better than they were initially thinking.. .. .. so her settings may be a little different..

That's not all... She is going to set Kory and I up in a sound booth and let us hear how Emma hears with and without hearing aids... Pretty excited. The more we know about her and how she functions the more success we will have in helping her meet her developmental milestones..

We are so pleased with our new Audiologist at SIU and how willing she is to take the time to help us help Emma.

Last but not least.. Emma's new aids will be giraffe print and this set of ear molds will be hot pink! :) .. Won't be losing those when they fall out in her car seat, swing, bedding, etc. :)

I cannot wait to get her ear molds that fit and keep them fitting well so that we can get working on her speech :)

I will be sure to share a picture this weekend when I get the chance too. .. Pray that Emma eases back into the transition of hearing aids well. . . It is a huge sensory adjustment for her.

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