Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy with Blessings...

Wow! Shame on me ... I have an entire month worth of updates...
We have been so busy living life I think the laptop had a little dust on it. Excuses, Excuses! :) I have so much to share with you all..
So, let's see the last I posted was about our trip to the Audiologist to receive Emma's hearing aids and sneak into a sound booth to hear how Emma hears...
Well... that didn't go as planned, but with Emma we are pretty used to things not going as planned :)
Emma did well until we turned the hearing aid on that was in her right ear... and she FREAKED OUT! She screamed for at least ten minutes and that is very unusual for her. The screaming wasn't going on for ten seconds and I ripped the aid out of her ear and said "That hurts her!" and sat it on the table. The Audiologist looked at me and agreed. She said, "Oh my,.. I have a feeling her ABR results are fairly inaccurate (at least for the right ear)." We didn't get a chance to try left ear because she was way to upset and we weren't going to overload her anymore.
So pretty much what happened and she ordered hearing aids for Emma's profound hearing loss only to get them and find out she probably didn't need to have that much amplification because she more than likely doesn't have as bad of a hearing loss in the right ear as we thought.
Since that happened, we started talking directly in her right ear.. and she smiles when we talk to her. (sometimes) ... HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Her left ear there is still no response, HOWEVER, some hearing is definitely better than none. Since we have actually been acknowledging that she can hear in that right ear without an aid... even if it is distorted she is hearing something ... we can tell by her reaction...
Her Audiologist seems to think that from all the time she spent laying down in the hospital bed and being sick all the time... she possibly was having problems with fluid build up and not knowing it... so that could very easily have thrown off her test results.
So, the conclusion to this super exciting post is :
We go back to the Audiologist the 16th of January to try and complete a Sleep ABR... to get some new results and set new hearing aids for her left ear and for her right hear (if needed) ...

Please keep Emma in your prayers that her she cooperates during her Sleep ABR because Emma is not a child who tolerates being sedated.. that will be the only other way that they could get the results they need. :) That being said, Momma Bear won't be letting that happen because we are doing way to good to have a set back like that.

Thanks for hanging in there.. just waiting to see another post.... I will be overflowing the blog over the next hour if Emma and Maddie both keep behaving themselves.. Daddy just got home so I have a little help while I can, I'm going to continue to share how AMAZING December was for our unique family! :)

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