Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday in a Hospital? ............

As Christmas grew closer, we continued to stick to 'the plan'. Having spent every single holiday in 2012 in the hospital...... We refused to get our hopes up.. only to be let down again..

Don't get me wrong, we have an amazing Children's Hospital but have you ever spent a holiday in a hospital? Well, let me tell ya, the food is nowhere close to the homemade deliciousness we are used to with family. The memories ... of the toddler next door screaming in pain and seeing the staff run around like crazy trying to figure out how to comfort them... that is not a memory you want to see on a holiday let alone on a regular day. Kids should be trick or treating on Halloween, opening presents on Christmas, hunting Easter eggs on Easter, Fireworks on the fourth of July and most of all making precious memories with family on all these holidays. A hopsital is the most depressing place in the world on Holidays.

Maddie was so excited for Emma's first Christmas.. I was so overwhelmed.. All I could do was pray and pray and pray! I knew God would hear me. . . Sometimes I just have to spend entire days in continuous prayer.. somehow it all works out. (Thanks be to "the big man upstairs" !)

Maddie spent 90% of December at home with us. Every child in her class was sick and the parents NEVER keep the children home... I guess if they send them to school they don't have to deal with them.. I mean who cares if they feel horrible and just want to rest?.. or who cares about the other children in the class?.... (This is a topic I could rant forever about but instead I was the RESPONSIBLE parent and took my child away from the situation and hopefully they can all re-coop over break)... If parents continue to send there children to school 'contagious' we will have no other choice but to take Maddie out of school and home school her. It is very UNFAIR that because other children's parents are irresponsible she will suffer. (Although, I will have you know, she completed a 1st grade workbook throughout December while she was at home with Momma... she's 4 for those that don't know.. PROUD MOMMA right here)

Emma started getting a cold a few days before she was due for IVIG and I just knew it was all downhill from there.. again, all I could do was pray.. So that is what I did. The day before Emma was due for IVIG we had a nasty snow storm... then we had to get Maddie out into the snow and travel an hour and twenty minutes and hope that she didn't get any more sick this close to Christmas...

She had a lot of secretions and was desatting to 84 and 85 the night before the snow storm (Thursday the 20th) ..  and I was so nervous that she was going to need transported in the middle of this awful snow storm... I was just a nervous wreck.... what for?

Well......... turns out I was a nervous wreck for NOTHING---------------------------

December 24th came and we all rested peacefully in our beds while Miss Tonie watched over Emma...

Finally, a HOLIDAY at HOME :)

Now that is a MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

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