Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Special Sister...

Maddie has had such a hard year. I cant imagine being four years old and all you want is to be a big sister. Not knowing that sister will be nothing she as a four year old was expecting... Emma has definitely taught us to expect the unexpected..

Maddie is truly the most amazing little girl in the world.. Although I am very proud she knows far more than any ten year old let alone a four year old. She knows everything about Emma. We keep her up to date on everything. Some people think we tell her too much but if anything were to suddenly happen to Emma.. Maddie would be very upset but the fact that she knows Emma is not a 'normal' child. She will better understand than if we acted as if she was what one should expect when they have a little sister.
If you ask her she will tell you that "God loves her more" that is why he picked HER as Emma's big sister :)

The faith this little girl has in her sister and in God is something we could all take notes on!

I am so proud of our girls. Maddie is so amazing. Emma's therapists all agree with us that if it weren't for Maddie, Emma wouldn't be doing as good as she is doing. Given, Kory and I work with her a lot but Maddie can get her to do things we cannot. They play so well together and Maddie has a lot of patience with her. :) Emma treats her like any little sister would.. pulling hair, slobbering all over her cheeks, etc. :)

Emma loves when Maddie gets home from school. You can see her entire mood change :) .

Sisters are forever friends :)

Here's a little giggle for our readers:

Maddie and I were working on Christmas crafts and I like to include Emma as much as possible... So Emma was right there with us.. until we got the glitter out and it was actually time for Emma to get ready for a feeding anyway so I put her in her swing and then I had to run to the bathroom really quick before starting her feeding.... BOM BOM BOM.... Leaving the girls unattended is always a bad idea! Even if its for a split second....
You have to look closely but Emma is COVERED in Gold glitter... :)
I asked Maddie why Emma was covered in glitter and she said,
"Mom, she told me she wanted to be a princess."
Do you have ANY idea how HARD it is to get glitter off.... Well, Emma is up to 18 pounds and 5 ounces and gaining as I type... so the amount of rolls on her body is insane!
Getting glitter out of those rolls... now that is IMPOSSIBLE!
The most important thing is that however it may happen... Maddie needs to have memories withe her sister :)... and we are doing everything possible to find our family's "norm".
Have a blessed day :) Hope every one is having a blessed start to 2013! :)

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  1. So cute! She will grow up to be a better person because of her little sister and life lessons she has learned.


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