Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Elves on Earth....

With all the blessings this year has brought to our family... it has also swamped us with medical bills, traveling expenses, etc. .. .. .. with all the being said we were not able to purchase any Christmas presents for the girls this year..

As a mother and father, Kory and I could not imagine being four years old and Santa forgetting you after going through the worst year of Maddie's life. She became a big sister and then had to understand that Emma may have to go to Heaven when she is little not when she is old...

Maddie has been such an amazing big sister this year and all she wanted for Christmas was "A Barbie Wonderland" (lots of barbies to play with), board games, and sissy to be home for Christmas :)

I know it doesn't sound like much but with our situation.... it seemed impossible... Did you know barbies range from $16.99-$55.00+ .... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! WOW~! Hello World!

Once again, I had no other option.... but I knew God would comfort me... and you will not believe how he comforted our family...........

The Springfield Olive Garden put up a "Olive Garden Angel Tree" for Emma and Maddie's Christmas... we had an entire Expedition full of presents from the Olive Garden for the girls.....

Then,.. (ya that's not it..)

St. John's Children Hospital a group of employees that like to adopt families that have spent a large amount of time in the hospital and really need the help around the holidays. We were so blessed to be one of those families,...

So here we are no money what so ever... and we knew what money we did have needed to be saved for the necessities... It couldn't be used on the petty things...

I hope you are sitting down when you are reading this ... because what I am about to tell you will absolutely blow your mind ,.. if not, make you burst into joyful tears......

Just when you think society has went to crap.... know that their are people out there who have big hearts and who are just so amazingly unbelievable......

This was our tree this year (well, a majority of our front room) on Christmas Morning......
 We definitely believe in miracles!! :)
 Soooooooooo many presents... 117!
 Emma's First Christmas 2012
 Emma waiting for Maddie on Christmas Morning 2012..
A grand total of 117 presents for our two girls! TEARS.....Right?
Every single one of these presents were from people who we have met over the last year and some who didn't even know us but knew our story.. Emma has inspired so many people! Her story is an act of God and he is changing lives through Emma daily. We need to be sure to praise him for all his amazing work! :)
Thanks to all of the "Elves on Earth" that made the McGovern girls' Christmas the most amazing Christmas any 4 year old & 10 month old could EVER IMAGINE! :)
GOD BLESS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for being our Christmas Hero's! Maddie will forever remember the Christmas that she was still unwrapping presents 5 hours after waking up and starting in on the presents!
As much time as we spend cooped up in our house it has helped both girls so much! :)
Thanks for always being there for our family and most importantly our girls! :)

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