Sunday, May 6, 2012

38 days in the PICU..

It was the 3rd of May and then end of our PICU stay.
Now Kory & I had to take all the care that was taking over ten people and hang it all on our shoulders. We were ready to get her home and Maddie could not wait to have us all home again.
Dr Basnet &  Dr Johnson had been in to see her and Kory had started taking things to the car. Gramma Dubba D, Aunt Sami, Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to say good bye to the place we called home for nearly 40days. It was bittersweet. Danica was Emma's day nurse who discharged us. Her last night was spent with Lauri. :) It was hard leaving without saying goodbye to Penny but I know we will see her again. :)
We were almost ready to go and something didnt feel right.. I went to the bathroom (no that wasnt the weird feeling!) On my way back from the bathroom I heard "Hey!" I turned around like a kid in a candy shop- the weird feeling was gone.. He was here to say good-bye.. Dr Mander walked right into Emma and said 'I'll see you soon, come back for visits so you don't miss me to much.' This man is Emma's hero, he saved her life. Our PICU family will be greatly missed but we will have lots of visits. :)
We got our pictures with Dr Mander-
Its time to take Emma home where she belongs!
Praise God!!!!

Dr. Mander, words can never express our gratitude!

Emma in her chariot, waving bye bye to all of our PICU family!

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