Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27th.. Two Months

Two months have past and although its still very fresh in my memory...  I think Im getting to that point where Im able to let go of the negative and live for the positive! Theres too much negativity to let all that get us down! I wish I were able to blog more than I have been able to but I will get to it. Theres a lot going on around here :) But by the grace of God and a schedule things are slowing down as much as they can around here.  Dr Green has decided Emma's labs are looking good enough we dont need her to get out twice a week- thats nearly four and a half hours a week that dont have to be spent on the road or in a hospital! Thats a step in the right direction! :)
Overall, at this point, Emma is improving every day! She is doing great for all she has going on! Shes definately a fighter! Thanks for all your prayers and Im going to try to keep the blog updated as best as I can. :)

Emma will be four months old June 14th! :)

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