Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Special Little Girl behind this story..

Imagine being four and having to comprehend this story...
Catch your breath!.. She 's the most intelligent four year old you will ever meet and she is Emma's big sister, Maddison McGovern. She has her own version of Emma's story she tells but it usually consists of "Emma quit breathing and Dr Mander saved her life and now shes home.. But Dr Mander is perfect and we miss Dr Mander and do you know Dr Mander.. oh He's just awesome..he's my good friend you know?!"  (she says it a thousand mph which makes it that much more hillarious)   ...... As you can see she kind of got obsessed with our PICU family. :) When she watched Emma's slideshow halfway through she yells "OM!!!!" (He was a resident in the PICU that Maddie just adored!-he has his own post on the blog (see Emma says: Om!Om!Om!))
So you have gathered that Maddie is Emma's big sister! She will be four.on June 14, 2012. ( Emma turns 4 months old that day as well!)
Maddie is such an amazing helper! She has handled this entire situation way better than any of the adults!
Most importantly when you ask Maddie what she loves about Emma (aka SissyBuns) she will tell you that God loves our family very much and he needs someone very take very good care of Emma and no one can do it but her ;) so God put Emma in Mommys belly so that she would have the best Mommy the best Daddy and the best Big Sissy EVER!!
When I ask her "does it make you sad that sissy has tubeys?"  She says "No, it made me sad when you and daddy had to stay in the hospital.with sissy.. Now im just glad we are all home together!" She says "God made Emma special for us thats why she loves her soooooo much!"
AWESOME! Right?! Shes the best four year old ever! Emma is so blessed because her big sissy will forever be her best friend!

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