Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Familiar Place... HOME

May 3rd 2012:

The minute Danica closed the car door.. Our new life began. There was no longer an entire PICU staff three steps away. I knew she was better and that I could do it, but the comfort of them being right there was really nice.

The ride home was bittersweet! Scary would be an understatement!! The anxiety of things were finally hittinf me-how was I too take on the role of an entire medical staff! How could I do this without my PICU girls!

Then, as I looked out the window in complete fear of not having immediate help...
I realized something...
There is not a minute that goes by that I dont have a helping hand showing me what to do even where I feel completely clueless!
GOD is always by my side- guiding me exactly where I need to be at the exact time I should be there. This he has proven to me through the Olive Garden situation!
Not only is God constantly by my side, my husband Kory is the most amazing man ever! He does a fantastic job with both our girls! Emma and Maddie are both Daddys Girls! Hes always there to help but eventually with be returning to work from Family Medical Leave!
The drive home that always seemed to take forever----- went by so quickly! Before I knew it we were at the water tower turning on our road! A hurricane of emotions were going through me at this point! I was praising God we were all finally going to be home as a family but yet begging him for strength and knowledge on how to get through the first day at least!
Forgetting I/we had been trained for over a month on all of Emma's treatmenf plan. I was still terrified! We finally reached that familiar place... We were home after 39 long days in the hospital. We settled in over the next few days (which were the most hectic days of my life, - so I unfortunately dont remebmber must to blog about that time)

The most important thing was all four of us were back in our house -together-& we would all be sleeping in our own beds for the first night in over a month!

God is Great! :)

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