Monday, September 24, 2012

Catch 22?...

Over the last few months, Emma's constant need for IV access and need for central lines has forced us to make the decision to put in an "Infus-a-port". Usually seen in oncology patients but is also used for situations like Emma when they need constant IV medications or are impossible to access at a moments notice.

We all know nothing comes easy with Emma. There is always a problem to follow. Usually an infection. In the last month and a half, Emma has had two UTI's (which we are blaming on kidney reflux), two yeast infection (which we are blaming on all the antibiotics she has been on in the last two months), an upper respiratory infection, as well as the latest, infection in her blood.

We all having been praying that this infection in her blood has nothing to do with the port that she had placed September 13th. We knew Emma was at high risk for infections when we placed the port. Her compromised immune system puts her at risk for all kinds of infections and when it partners with her kidneys ... the infections come on quick and strong.

Her specialists are now planning a meeting to discuss where we go from here. . . We are going to try and attempt to save the port (WHICH IS POSSIBLE! SO PLEASE PRAY!!). They also want to talk about what to do for Emma's immune system. She needs supplemented in some way but they are going to need several more tests ran to determine which way to go about helping her immune system. Also the organism (Serratia Marcescens) found in Emma's blood cultures are a common infection in children that have immune deficiency problems.

I will keep you posted.... at this time we are on a mission to save the port! Prayers are needed!!!!!
This is what Emma's port looks like. It is a Bard PowerPort. This is a life saver for Miss Emma! Please Pray that we can save it!!!

Recovering from her port surgery....

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