Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Healthy Kid Challenge

A member of TEAM EMMA has started a healthy kid challenge to allow people to show their support. Most couldn't imagine their child going through the daily struggles Emma and our family face. Emma is a fighter and God gave her to the most amazing parents she could ask for! :)
How do I help you ask?
The Healthy Kid Challenge was designed for people to send $1.00 in to the McGovern Family for each healthy kid in your immediate family. You may donate more or less, it's whatever you can afford. This was an idea thought up by a family friend.
Make checks payable to:  EMMA MCGOVERN TRUST FUND
Mail all HEALTHY KID CHALLENGE donations to:
229 N. Liberty
Rushville Il 62681
This amazing idea has raised over $500.00 for Emma and her family.
Please know that our family couldn't provide Emma with the amazing quality of life she has without these benefits! With Emma's constant medical care her parents are unable to work 'normal' jobs. Mickayla (mom) is unable to work at all and Kory (dad) can only work certain days and usually those are the rainy days when he is unable to work. They are experiencing HUGE financial difficulty but are still staying positive through it all for their two beautiful little girls! Let's help them out !

1 comment:

  1. This Healthy Kid Challenge has now raised over $1,000! :) Thanks to everyone who has donated. We are receiving envelopes daily! Every dollars helps Emma!

    Thanks for the support! <3


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