Saturday, September 22, 2012

Days Go By...

We have had five admissions in the last month and a half... Which does not leave much time for the blog although each admission has its own story and I will get to it soon.. For now here are some pictures to enjoy and a brief summary of the last few weeks.

As you may know, Emma did have her cataracts removed July 31st and August 2nd.. which put us in the hospital for much longer than expected. Throughout August we battled recovering from surgery and near death experience in St Louis at Children's. After recovering we were hit with a UTI and once she recovered from that she ended up with a yeast infection. After overcoming all of this, we go home for what we thought would be a record breaking stay at home because she was doing fantastic. Just to find that we were only home a few days before Emma's right upper lobe in her lung collapsed. Kory had to resuscitate Emma with rescue breaths because her sats had dropped to high 60% s - low 70% s range. Falling below 90% is abnormal. This is indeed how we spent our labor day! It was 9p.m. on Sept 3rd (Kory's birthday was September 2nd) and we were making our first 9-1-1 call... The paramedics arrived in minutes and our "Emma Emergency Plan"  worked perfect. Saint Flight arrived to get her to Springfield and the Rushville EMS Team did FANTASTIC. We all wondered in the event of our "Emma Emergency" would we all be able to work as a team and help one another out. We did amazing and I was very proud of Kory, myself, and our entire community for working together in the time of need.

Emma is currently in the hospital (since September 20th) with an infection in her blood and a fungal infection. Please keep her in your prayers. Her Infectious Disease doctor is here to give me an update ....

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks..... Enjoy!

Right after returning from the PACU having her port put in. She is such a little rock star! We are soooo proud of you Emma!!!! :)

Poor Emma :( She feels horrible....

 September 3rd stay... One sick baby..

 Pulling off her stickers so that the monitor goes crazy and the monitor at the nurses desk beeps like crazy! She is soooo ornery!

Being her Mouthy self.. that is when we know she is feeling better...

 Sicky baby... :(

 Always Say your Prayers!!

Sooo exhausted!
 Daddy and Emma taking a nap in the PICU..

 September 3rd... When her right upper lobe was collapsed. :(

<--Blood transfusion..#3

"Really Aunt Amy? Listen to Aunt Danica those socks were whack!"
*I will be posting more information when I have more time but these last few weeks have been so crazy busy! This week I'm planning on several posts to catch up from all these hospital stays. Until then Happy Readings :) Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!!*

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