Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fighting through the Infections...

In the last two months (61 days) we have spent 48 days in the St. John's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. With each admission we face a new infection. First it was a UTI which turned into a kidney infection. Then she has a yeast infection. Then she had an upper respiratory infection where her right upper lobe of her lung collapsed due to infection. That was followed by yet another UTI. (Emma has grade 3 kidney reflux- we are doing what we can to prevent UTIs.) Emma is know currently in the PICU because the Infuse-a-Port that was placed on the 13th of September became infected. We have fought of the infection with double the antibiotics and by keeping her on them for a little longer than usual. However, there is no telling if once the antibiotics are out of her system if she is just going to get another infection or not.. So, we wait. Only time will tell if we will be keeping the port in. As of now the port is staying in but if she gets another infection they will have to remove the port and then get the infection completely taken care of before they even think about putting in another port or trying another option like a broviac. (Another form of more permanent access!) Either way foreign objects (such as plastic) in the body is always a risk for infection, it's not really going to matter what method they use if her immune system is not strong enough.

Last night, we did infuse her with IVIG (Immuniglobulin). This human product is given over four hours and every 15 minutes they monitor blood pressure. We will be coming in every 4 weeks and getting her IVIG infusions. It will take four hours every time. We should be able to come to the Day Hospital and get them done as long as things continue to go well. We shouldn't have to stay overnight each time. It will take a few times to actually notice a difference. Also, as far as immunology goes... we have a lab test that is pending. It a Tcell/Bcell function tests-its will tell us although she has an appropriate amount of cells for her age and given her condition are they working appropriately. They will test her sample against common bacteria and viruses. Depending on how they respond could give us some more answers as to why she gets so many infections. They did think because of the type of organism that was present in her blood culture this time, that she may have a white blood cell disease... The results for that test are in......... and she does NOT have a white blood cell disease.

I will be sure to share in future post once we get the results of the Tcell/Bcell function tests. Thanks for continuing to follow Emma's Story. I hope that at least once a day one individual realizes that their life is not as bad as they like to think it is.. Emma's fight is encouraging people all over the world to change in different ways to become a better person. That alone is something to be proud of.

Thank you all ... Happy Reading.. and God Bless you and your families! :)
                       <3 The McGovern's

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