Thursday, October 11, 2012

IV Antibiotics at Home...

Although I was so excited to come home.. I was bringing a pretty heavy task home with me.

Emma was being released from the PICU but still needed four days of antibiotics. So this meant they would be leaving her port accessed and I had to learn how to give her IV antibiotics at home.

Very stressed because I'm always afraid until I actually complete the newest challenge and then I always say, "Well, that's not that bad.."

HOWEVER................. ...................... ..........................

Sleep is my friend, I need it to be the super-human I have had to become over the last eight months!

Between her feedings, her g-tube medications, her breathing treatments, and her IV antibiotics .... Sleep didn't exist for me for a little over four days. Her IV antibiotics were given over a half hour and an hour and I couldn't fall back to sleep until after they were finished.

They did teach me that if I remembered
I would always remember that saying and the process will become very simple.

I also had to remember to always "scrub the hub" .... I used way over the required amount of alcohol swabs but I was very sure to protect her from any other infections!

The infection she has was a gram negative bacilli organism in her blood. So I was very sure to be extra careful that I didn't introduce another infection through her port.

Thankfully it was only four days and it was successful and has also helped us spend longer at home this time.

Emma always brings new challenges but I learn more and more with each new challenge and I'm so thankful I pick up on things so quickly and thankful that I am able to do all of this at home for her.

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