Friday, October 19, 2012

Kickin' Statistics... Emma turns 8 months old..

It's October..

It doesn't seem real... Is it really happening?

Are things finally looking positive?

All the infections are in check,... we are now using medication to prevent all the problems we have acquired over the last six months..

I'm not going to make the mistake of saying it looks like we finally have things under control because as soon as I do I know we will find ourselves back in the PICU.

Emma has been home for 16 days now! :) Which is a record for us ... We were home the whole month of June... So, that is our next goal.. :) I like to think we are well on our way. :)

The guard is still up and will always  be,.. we will always be ready at a moments notice.

God has blessed us with some time before the next storm and we are enjoying every minute of it.

Living for this day,.. Not looking back ... and not jumping ahead of ourselves. We are taking each day as a blessing from God.

....Through God all things are possible, right Emma?... :)

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