Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Amazing Addition to TEAM EMMA..

As some of you may or may not know.. I have struggled with keeping up with all Emma's needs. Although everything has been completed. I, am EXHAUSTED! However, admitting I need help caring for MY child is a hard thing to chew.

Finally admitting that I am not superwoman and I do need help.. was the best decision I have made for our entire family.

We selected Anchor Home Health Services. They have been AMAZING so far! :) They are based out of Springfield, Illinois. It definitely isn't a process that happens overnight. However, I felt it happened fairly quick. I think it was approximately three weeks. . . From the time we decided we wanted to put in the call for help from the time we received a call saying that we had been excepted into the necessary programs and that they would be coming out to complete the necessary paperwork. :)

Our new addition, ironically has known Kory's family a majority of her life. She is the sweetest little gal ever! :) I love her to pieces. The girls just love her which is GREAT as well!

What does Miss Tonie do while she is here? ... Miss Tonie works at our house Sunday night through Thursday night from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Which means I finally get to sleep. She does all the things I have to get up in do in the middle of the night. Maintain Emma's continuous feedings, medications if needed, diaper changes, and making sure her Sat's are good and she isn't having an issues with an elevated heart rate.. I could never really "sleep" because I had to be awake enough to hear the pulse-ox monitor go off.. If her heart rate was slightly elevated I had to stay up and see if it went back down, if she was at the start of an infection, was a temp starting to spike, etc.

To say the least I was extremely sleep deprived and since Miss Tonie started I really have noticed a difference in myself when I am well rested. :) Emma has a full schedule every day and there isn't time to be exhausted. She is now receiving what I feel is the best possible medical care at home and I am very thankful that God has blessed us with an amazing person like Miss Tonie :) .

Thanks for keeping our family in your prayers. I really want to thank those of you who prayed specifically for home nursing help. God not only answered our prayers, he went above and beyond and brought the perfect person to take care of Miss Emma. :)

God Bless!

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  1. So glad you can finally get some much needed rest and you found a great nurse! It sounds like the best decision for the whole family.


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