Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Children's Miracle Network Radiothon...11/15 & 11/16

Our story will be shared with listeners all over the state/nation next Thursday and Friday. WDBR out of Springfield will be airing the event hosted by Children's Miracle Network out of Springfield.

This is an opportunity of a life time. I know you may not think a story as scary as ours could happen to you.. but let me tell you... it can happen to anyone, at any minute... and there's nothing you can do but hope you make it to St John's Children's Hospital in time to be placed in the hands of the amazing medical staff at this hospital.

We cant financially make any donations but we know that every dollar counts.. So no matter how small the donation.. Please try and donate to the Children's Miracle Network... we have many things that needing funding help to take St John's to a whole new level.

This funding goes to help miracles like Emma, Faith, and many more little gals who have inspired us all in so many ways.

If you have time.... next Thursday 11/15/2012 and Friday 11/16/2012 all day anytime... come out and see what Children's Miracle Network does for St John's Children's Hospital. Come see past and present St John's Miracles... because unfortunately you never know... in reality you child could be in the hands of this amazing staff in the future. I pray that is not the case, however, that is something that only God knows.

Hopefully this link will work... this is a you tube video created by an amazing member of the Children's Miracle Network.. its a brief overview of our story that will be shared on the Radiothon....


^ For some reason you do have to type this link out in the search bar.. but if typed correctly it does take you directly to you tube and begins to automatically play the video. Enjoy!

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