Friday, November 30, 2012

A Healthy a Happy Baby!

Emma has been a completely different baby girl since we spent that 7 week stretch at home and we were actually able to work with her and get her excited about things. Laying in a hospital bed day after day is miserable.. this we know.. but for a baby :( She cant even play on her phone or do a crossword if she wanted too..

Since we spent all that time at home Emma has been doing a lot of therapy at home and getting her trunk under control (still emerging and constantly making positive progress).. I would definately call her a 'supported sitter' and she is able to be in an upright position more to work on her hips as well as trunk and head control.

The fact that she continues to bounce back gives me hope because there has been so many times when she wasnt able to bounce back for weeks. Also with all the new information on what we have found out with her hearing and vision makes us have a whole different look at things.

From what we were being told/shown by the test results... Emma was not seeing very well and she definately was not hearing anything without aids.. Things are looking a little different now. :)

We know her vision is pretty good from all she is showing us.. :)

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