Monday, July 30, 2012

"Can you hear me now?"....

Emma had her Auditory Brainstem Response test done today. (hearing test) The results to most would be a disappointment... To us it's a blessing!

Emma is not completely deaf!! She has a severe hearing loss in her left ear and a moderate hearing loss in her right ear. At this time she cannot hear a human voice. She can hear things like a vacuum running, a high pitched dog bark, etc. This we already expected because she doesn't startle.

We are excited that with the appropriate hearing aids Emma should be able to hear to a certain extent! God is blessing this little miracle baby in so many ways !!

In the next few months she should be able to hear as well as see! Which are things she hasn't experienced in the 5 months of her life thus far! I couldn't imagine not being able to hear or see.

Once again, we need to praise God for the miracles he is performing through Emma and our family as well. If it weren't for our prayer warriors constantly overflowing God with Emma prayers, we know we would not have this sweet baby if it weren't for all the prayers. Thank you all for all you have done.

This news alone is proof (if you so need it) that prayers do work. God is listening to our prayers and fulfilling our requests, its just taking time.

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