Friday, July 6, 2012

Weighing In.. 11.0

Emma has reached an amazing 11 lbs. A huge blessing for Emma is that she has never lost weight..she has always gained.
We did have some difficulties with her throwing up a lot. When we were able to talk with her GI specialist and her dietician.. The dietician felt we needed to switch to a pump for feeds. Kory and I agreed.  Emma was being fed through a large(60ml) suringe. She was only able to take approximently 70 ml (not quite 2.5 oz) ..
Now we have been on the pump for approximently two weeks and Emma is doing amazing. She hasnt thrown up once! AND she's up to 85ml per feed!
The pump has been a huge success. She eats more normal now.. Instead of being full in two minutes it takes 30 minutes.
The pump takes approximently ten minutes to prepare feed and ten minutes to clean up after feed. But its all worth it for Miss Emma ;)
Pictures of the pump are inclosed..

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