Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pssst.. Over here.. in the PICU crib...

Hello everyone!

     First I want to thank everyone for all of your kind words, prayers and continued support.  As most of you know I am back in the PICU at St. Johns.  They discovered they I have a urinary tract infection, even though they were able to catch it early and start treating me like everything else other obstacles have come up.  Don't you worry, I am in the best place I can be and they are taking great care of me!  I did have to get a blood transfusion, between that and the fluids I started having a bad reaction.  They noticed that I was filling up with fluids and quickly gave me some more medicine to help reduce the all the retention.  The medicine must have helped because shortly after I heard them say how pretty I looked (was there any doubt) and along with my Tylenol and feeding I slept very peacefully for a few hours!  Now I do have a little bit of a cough so they are keeping a close eye on me for pneumonia.  My heart rate has been doing a lot better even hanging out as low as 112 at times, as I slept I heard Aunt Sami and Daddy politely discussing who was the reason for me to be relaxed... the jury may still be out on that one, it is more fun this way.  My temperature has been doing better but did start going up again, 101.6 around my feeding at 1130p, of course it I was getting mad so once my belly is full, my Tylenol kicks in and I relax I am sure it will go down again.  There was also some leaking from my g-tubey, but they cleaned me all up and will be keeping a close eye on that as well (sure hope they are quiet and let me and mommy sleep).
     I think that is the short story for now, I love hearing everyone's get wells and concerns.  But while I have you here can I ask a favor for my Mommy... puh puh puhleeeease?  You see, every day even all good days, my routine takes quite a bit of time.  My Mommy and Daddy both do a crazy great job at keeping me on schedule and getting me all that I need.  This means very little sleep or down time for both my Mommy and Daddy.  You can imagine how much more this changes when I am not feeling well.  There is so many more things that are going on when I am staying in the PICU that I know Mommy and Daddy are extra tired and worried, but they just keep pushing on with out blinking an eye because this is just our life.  We do get so many prayers, questions and well wishes on Mommy's phone, we love you all so much!  There isn't much time in between the medicine, feeding, diapers, doctors and nurses in and out and all that entails in between.  Mommy does not intend to worry anyone by not answering every message and phone call, she is just doing everything she can to make sure I am as happy and comfortable as I can be.  So if you try to get in touch with Mommy I think she is doing her best to get general updates sent in mass however, I hope that when she does have even a few minutes of down time she is getting some rest cause she needs it too.  Please be kind to Mommy and understand I am taking a lot... well all of her attention right now.  It is hard for her to keep up with all the phone calls and messages with everything they are doing to get me healthy and back home.  Thank you all for your understanding and your efforts to keep the phone calls and messages to a minimal amount.
Love, hugs and kisses,

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  1. Gentle forehead kisses to you sweet Emma. Thank you for being sure we know how you are doing as time allows and for standing up for your Mommy. That's really nice of you! Get Well Soon
    Pssst....please let Mommy and Daddy know that I am proud of them and will continue praying for you as well as them and your sissy.


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