Friday, July 6, 2012

Emma's Hearing: The Verdict is Still Out

Last week we had an appointment to confirm Emma's hearing diagnosis....

Excited and Nervous all at once.. Our hopes are that Emma can hear at least some.. However, if she is deaf that is just another challenge that Kory and I are ready for :)

Emma has never been nor ever will be a burden to us. She is a blessing! We love everything about her! The only disability in life is negativity!

Emma has A LOT of build up in her ears. She has to see an ENT that will clean her ears out then we go back to complete the ABR. (auditory brainstem response test)

At this time neither of Emma's eardrums are working. Please pray we are able to get some results soon. So she doesnt have to struggle with speech difficulties as well. We want to make things as accomidating as possible for our sweet baby girl!

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