Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear Diary... In bulk

Let's get this party started shall we?!  To catch things up to date I will be posting multiple updates from the wonderful world of facebook to here.  This will get the general coverage of the dates and events therein.  While this is definitely not going to be an all inclusive post covering all the ins and outs of our Miss Emma and her many battles, it will still be a timeline place to start.  I am sure that some posts will even be missed but there is no better way to "relive" these past few weeks then straight from the original updates.  

Baby Emma has made it through the night.  I just talked to Mickayla and I am on my way back up. Came home to rest last night but no luck there so I'll be getting the kids some clothes and going back up. Her calcium is still not up to where it needs to be but my little girl is resting now and no seizures last night so hopefully we will find something out today. For 6lbs she is a hell of a fighter and not giving up so we aren't either. Please pray for Emma she has been fighting for her life since she was in the womb and she is not giving up we need all the prayers we can get right now and hope she pulls through this. Thank you for all the calls and concerns it means a lot.

Emma is breathing on her own!!! Continue praying!!!!! Love u all!

Things are looking up but unfortunately she didn't do well when they weened her oxygen down so she is going to be on that for awhile. She is very congested this morning and we are waiting on test results hoping she isn't going to have to fight viral infection now on top of this all. Still not sure why or what caused her calcium to get so low. But now that she is stable they can take the time to figure that part out. We are also waiting on genetics testing results which could answer this all. KEEP PRAYING FOR EMMA!

Mickayla Fewkes McGovern
Opening them eyes and making her "uh uh" noises. Thank u for the prayers!

Kayla called and said she just poopied a lot!  So we know that part is working ok.  She has a calcium deposit on her brain and kidney from not having any and the body trying to store it in "safe" places but they did say she was in no danger now and will just be keeping an eye on it and treated if need be.

Emma is back on oxygen today, just had EKG done waiting on results. Calling in kidney specialists because she has calcium deposits on kidney. Might need blood transfusion tonight, we are just waiting hopefully she will not but they have assured us it will match her exactly cells and everything so it wont be to hard on her body. Just wanted to give an update please keep prayers coming she is needing them. Thanks will try to keep updates but our phones are off while we are on the floor with her.

Baby Emma had the blood transfusion and no difficulties, she is a fighter. She is almost 7lbs now, they weighed her tonight before I left. She is feeling better I think she looks very good and is content. Right now she is giving her Aunt Sami a rough time cause she is trying to take pictures of Emma and Emma must not have same idea so she is making her work for them. Kayla posted pic of Sami in chair at the end of Emma's bed so things must be getting pretty serious between them too tonight. We will see who gives up first! Keep prayers coming she needs them we have a long rough road ahead but she is a warrior I know she can handle it she has proved to us she can handle just about anything, she's Dubba Ds girl and she can handle anything that gets in her way.

Just talked to Mickayla and Emma is doing good she was crying very loudly which is great cause I could hear her over the phone that's awesome she has a real cry now and it's LOUD. Getting clothes dried cause Grandma screwed up n slept in so my day is starting out later than wanted. Speech Therapist is coming in again today to check her and see if she can have a bottle today again, giving small amounts 15ml yesterday by bottle slowly but surely she is getting better. Still waiting on Genetics Test. You would think that all the new technology that is out there we would not have to wait forever for test as important as these to take so long.This test will answer a lot for Miss Emma. She is a fighter, she has the heart and soul to live she has proved that. Mickayla and Kory are holding up pretty good the nurses and staff and doctors are so good up there to all of us and take very good care of my kids I am so thankful for this they are the best. When something like this happens you don't realize or even think how it changes your whole life and the way you look at things,and what we take for granted you look at things in a totally different way than ever before my little Emma has opened my eyes for sure at a lot of different things and seeing her laying there in that bed and her smiles and many faces and mad yells she does proves to me she is going to be ok. I raised my girls to be strong and take no shit off of anyone or anything that is thrown at them you come out the better person and be stronger for it and I think my little Emma has caught on she is such a quick learner. Miss Emma is a fighter and will overcome anything that is thrown at her she has 2 of the best parents a child could ever want or have and family. Please keep the prayers coming because they are doing miracles for her, God has a plan for Miss Emma we will have to wait and see what it is. Thank you for the calls and Prayers it means more than you know.

Emma is doing good tonight! Gramma Dubba D is here and we are going to work on Baby CPR later. Emma was able to get her Central Line taken out today and they put an IV in her head for precaution. She shouldn't need it again but just in case they have one ready if they do need it. She loves her music box and she has been able to let both Gramma Jan and Dubba D hold her today along with mommy and daddy! Now she has a lot less cords and is much easier to hold. Her constant heart monitoring was discontinued so she doesn't have to have all those things all over her chest that keep coming off and the nurses have to keep unwrapping her and picking on her. Needless to say she is a lot happier that nurses are only in every few hours for vitals (she could do without the temp checks rectally) but shes got to have something to fuss about. Today another one of Gods gifts was in to visit us. (@Angela Manning Davidage) She was the nurse that drove us to the hospital from the Olive Garden after everything happened! ! I still cant thank her enough and feel like I have known her forever just from spending a few hours with her! Shes an amazing person! Thank you all for all your prayers. Emma is Gods miracle and he has changed a lot of peoples lives through her! Myself included of course! Monday is going to be a rough day for her because she will be having more testing done. we have a rough week ahead but hopefully the genetic results should be back end of this week too so we will have some answers there! Once again thank you all so much!!

Just got home little bit ago from hospital. MISS EMMA is moved out of PICU and in her own room on PEDS section. Think she is really liking her new bed, there is more sunshine in this room. They are going to start weening her off all the calcium because she is staying pretty level 8.9. Grandma is so proud and thankful its staying level still no answers to why this happened yet but getting closer. Doctors up there are amazing they are on the ball if any problem or concern arises so thankful for that. I spent the night with my Miss Emma and I will be the first to admit she showed me what staying up all night is about, trust me Grandma is to old for that shit. Kayla and Kory got a GOOD night sleep tho that's all that matters and we had fun some of the night when the screaming stopped, she just wasn't feeling very well so I held her close and we chilled in the recliner and when i would start to dose off I felt little fingers on my chin to wake up. Emma wasn't tired yet.I tried putting her to bed-didn't work she would just say "hey" and if I didn't hold her the crying would start. LONG night I swear the clocks there run so slow when it comes to her feeding time boy does she get MAD. Now I'm home going to wash mommy and daddy's clothes take hot bath and crawl in my bed and snooze til i get grace up for school then off to EMMA! OH! Has to stay on oxygen tried today again and we had to put it back on, so we will just keep trying. Keep her in your prayers she is a fighter and has proved this to us so we fight with her as well

Just got home from seeing Emma. Had to put heart monitor back on, still on oxygen and feeding tube, but she is drinking from a bottle today and loves it and is learning how to pace herself and breath while eating she is doing pretty good and I think she will catch on in no time they said she would. had alot of stuff done to her today hated seeing her go through that but we have to find out what is going on. Got genetics test back now the doctors can figure out how to treat her and teach us what we need to know to take care of her.Deletion of Chromosome 10 is what it showed I have no idea anything about this but will be learning.Lots of doctors and test are going to have to be done but now I hope they can have answers and get my little girl better.She slept all night last nite in her new bed so that was great. she was a more alert today and alot of gas was being relieved. Phosphorus is high so they are doing stuff to stabilize and balance everything out. She has a very long road ahead of her but we will make it as easy as we can for her, she has proved she can do amazing things for as little as she is and we are not giving up.going to bed in little bit so I can go back tomorrow and hold my Emma. Will try to keep everyone updated.

Today is a big blessing Miss Emma is now eating from a bottle and may get her feeding tube out tonight. YEAH!!!!! She is totally different from yesterday and last night.  Emma and I and nurse Pam had a VERY ROUGH night last night I held her for a few hours to calm her down she had a belly ache out of this world. She is calmer today put her in swing, dressed her and hopefully she will be okay for a few days or forever. Miss Emma and I are spending another nite together hopefully better than last nite. Grandma is still worn out from last nite.Kidney report came back fine.

So here is the update on my Little Miss Emma. Grandma went home last nite to get stuff done and come back up today ,and I said "be a good girl" NOT. Kayla told me she ripped her feeding tube out this morning . So she now has a new one in the other side of her nose, but at least she was polite and handed it to the nurse. SHE IS SO ORNERY!!! I made it back this morning and we had a Easter egg hunt for Maddie in the play area she loved it. Emma and Maddie both got Easter baskets from the hospital, so cool. Emma has alot of gas tonite and a belly ache she is not a happy camper but grandma bought her a real soft blanket and she loves it, so we are chilling in the recliner tonite to keep her calm with her comfy blanket and she is loving it. Doing pretty good today and nite try to keep everyone updated as much as I can. Thank you for the prayers, keep her in your thoughts and prayers please, she is still fighting and has a long road ahead.

Well it's Tuesday... In another hour it will be the 3 week mark of the Olive Garden episode. 1 week since the MRI code. But on a positive note: Emma is 8 weeks old!!!! And finally sleeping from being up all night again. She has the same nurse as last Tuesday she keeps telling Emma its Wednesday and don't try anything funny!

As you can see there have been many ups and downs, smiles and frowns.  There are still many details to be had, unfortunately mostly sad.  But our time with Emma is definitely not coming to a close, so we lift ourselves up taking the good with the bad, she will overcome each hurdle thrown at her as she has thus far.  Keep praying for Emma, just when we start to figure things out, she changes the game -and this is why we love her even more!  

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