Saturday, April 14, 2012

Only God Could PICU..

St Johns Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has been our home for 19 days now.. Emma is in the best of hands. You always hear how amazing the nurses and doctors are here and how they have saved so many lives. Those were always conversations that made me say 'Thats awesome that there is a place like that so close to home but I hope I never find out how great they are with kids because there is only one way to find that out.' I can't wait for the day we get to take Emma home but I know we will be frequent visitors to the PICU because these people are our second family! I don't even know where to start, Emma has a special place in everyones heart up here as well as at home. They are always asking "Is Maddie coming up today?" They get such a kick out of her crazy personality. She always has to tell me how she loves Amy because she has curly red hair just like her.. So that makes her AWESOME of course. Little does Miss Maddie know just how AWESOME Amy really is. She is one of those nurses who I can always go to for a laugh! Up here I need a laugh when I can get one in. (Thanks Amy!) Brooke is a nurse that I have bonded with BIG TIME! When Emma coded during her MRI, I couldn't even believe we were going through this again. Emma was doing so much better and there we were back to square one again. As I was sitting in the waiting room all I wanted was to see a familiar face and someone to tell me Emma was OK, someone to make me believe it and about that time the door came open and Brooke came and hugged me and told me she was crying and Dr Mander and Dr Basnet were with her. She walked with me and Kory back up to the PICU. I feel like I have known her forever.. Love you Brooke! I don't think I could have made it through those days without a nurse like you by Emma's side! (thank you Brooke!) Oh and then there's Danica.  :) . I love catching all her faces she makes when no one is looking. The brain freeze face from the lemon ice cream-- Hilarious! There's always people you meet for the first time and you feel like you have known them forever. Danica is one of those type of people for me. Its hard being away from all our family and friends but I seriously feel like I have known these girls forever! (Thanks for always making me smile and giving me something to laugh about Danica!) Jennifer loves travelling with Miss Emma. For those that don't know Jennifer was Emma's nurse the day she coded in the MRI and when the CT Scan day arrived she said I am not traveling with Emma! We both decided we were not re-living the MRI situation! I love Jennifer! She is always laughing at Kory and says he reminds her so much of her husband because he is so obnoxious. (Thanks for all you have done Jennifer! Love ya! ) Lynette is also an AMAZING nurse! She has a Mommy perspective on everything and I love it!! Emma has always blessed her with poopy explosions. Thanks for everything you do for Emma and for me! Thanks for letting me vent! Love ya girlie! Pam gives the best baths ever! She massages Emma into a deep sleep and its amazing!!!!! She says Emma is very near and dear to her heart! :) Thanks for taking such great care of Emma, Pam. Libby is so caring and always spoils Kory and I. She always comes running when Emma makes a peep. I love Libby to pieces! She is so passionate about her job and is always making sure Kory and I are taking breaks and time out of the room! (which is something that is really hard for Mommy to do.) Amanda, although we only had her once I will never forget what GREAT care she took of Emma. She's such a sweetheart. I never like seeing a new face take care of Emma because I like having the girls that already know her. So, I was nervous seeing a new face but would definitely LOVE for Emma to have Amanda again. Thanks for taking such great care and being such an active nurse! Greatly appreciated! Brenda - the thing I absolutely love about her is it doesn't matter if she is Emma's nurse or not if I need something really quick she will almost always come right away to help! Shes another one that is always taking care of Mommy and Daddy along with Emma. Thank you Brenda for all you do for us! Lauri- now that she's back from vacation I can express my LOVE for this NURSE! ;) She was our night nurse one of the first nights here and WE fell in love with her as a person and as a nurse! Emma also fell in love with her and caught on fairly quick to how much Lauri adored her and soon after started using that as her weapon! Lauri spoils her rotten! They have so much fun. Penny- Definitely the nurse I could NEVER EVER make it through this without! We have definitely bonded especially over our ornery Maddie's ! (She has a daughter named Maddie who seems to be my Maddie's long lost twin only a few years older!) Emma just loves aggravating Penny. Always keeping her on her toes! Words cannot express my feelings. Being passionate about the job is one thing but in my experience this gal goes above and beyond and I will never quit thanking God for crossing our paths no matter what the circumstances. Love ya Penny! Thank you for being you and being amazing !

 I honestly thank God every day for nurses like these girls! I could never imagine Emma coming as far as she has without these girls! There will never be a month pass by that we do not visit these girls just to thank them for life and all the in between! I know I will never be able to thank them enough for all they have done! The entire nursing staff here is great! Emma isn't just a patient to them. They treat her like one of their own! I love you all and please never forget how thankful I am! It takes absolutely amazing individuals to work up here and I am so blessed to have met all of you!

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