Saturday, April 14, 2012

Olive Garden Angels

I just wanted to personally thank all of Emma's hero's that God placed at the Olive Garden on March 27th. All of this was an act of God he really does have a plan. Angi (one of the nurses) was not even going to leave the house that day because it was the 4 year anniversary of her fathers passing. The Olive Garden was the last place she was with him before he passed. In my eyes, as well as hers, we know God and her father put her there to help Emma. She will forever be a part of our lives. I love you Angi! There was also an Off-Duty NICU Nurse who's name is Jenny. She suctioned Emma out helped with recessitating as well. She came to see Emma in the PICU a few mornings after. Jeff (an off duty EMT) was also there and he said he should have already left. He was ready to go and something told him to have another bowl of soup. He said it was the weirdest thing because he wasnt hungry for more but something told him to get another bowl. So as he started on his second bowl, we were being seated at our table. Everything about this day at the Olive Garden was so ironic. There was also a female server from the Olive Garden who helped recessitate Emma. (Her name will not be mentioned because I haven't personally got to talk to her but I do know her name Thanks to a nurse here in the PICU who goes to church with her parents. God working his magic again!) There were several other medical experts there at the time and I want you all to know I appreciate everything you did to save Emma's life. Had we been at home instead of at hte Olive Garden amongst all of you-- she never would have made it. I can not thank you all enough! I do believe it was Station House 12 that responded to the Olive Garden! Those guys were AMAZING with EMMA! Angi I also want to say thank you so much for leaving your lunch and friends behind, dropping everything, just to personally drive us to the hospital. AND for staying to get me and my family through that first hour. It was also great to visit with you! I want all of your mailing addresses! You will all be receiving birthday invitations for many years to come! Emma has a lot to celebrate thank to all of you!  

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