Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blessed with Basnet

A huge essential to Emma's team, Dr Basnet (along with anyone else who is working on Emma's medical puzzle) never stops thinking about Emma and what else we can do to help her. I'm sure they take special pride in all of their patients because I have seen it. However, Emma has definitely got all of her medical staff on their tip toes because with Emma -- we just never know what is going to happen next. Our final words of almost every chat is usually "Well, we will wait and see what she does? What she thinks and how she handles it?" Pretty amazing this seven pound bundle of joy has an entire medical team that she is running in circles.

Dr Basnet has really grown on me! I love seeing her face in the mornings! I know Emma will behave for her .. at least until she has to tell me and Sarita how "great" Emma is being today! And I'm almost positive EVERY TIME she has said "see how well she is doing" ... Sarita has said something along the lines of "Remember it is Emma, she always acts up when you say those things" and truth be told Sarita calls it EVERY TIME! Emma will act up as soon as Dr Basnet leaves.

Emma is one smart little gal! She has figured out in her prolonged stay here that the PICU staff has grown pretty attached to her. Emma knows all she has to do is turn on those tears and stick out that pouty lip and Dr Basnet will take it easy on her that day. They are definitely buddies!

This woman is absolutely amazing and Emma would not be here today if we didn't have her on our team this is one thing I am absolutely positive of! When Emma coded during the MRI, I remember seeing her running in her heels and her peach colored dress stuck out in the sea of blue scrubs (Rapid Response Team). When I saw her running through there to get to Emma I knew she would do everything in her power to get Emma back up to the PICU and get her taken care of.

I will never be able to thank this woman enough and Emma will definitely be back for OUTPATIENT visits! So she doesn't think we need to come to the PICU on a regular basis to visit all her buddies. Emma has such a bright future and it is because of all the hard work her entire medical team has put into her case.

***Dr Basnet,  if you are reading this YOU ARE AMAZING and my entire family is so thankful for all you have done and all the time you have taken on Emma. Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!

{Insert pouty lip and tears here}

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