Friday, April 13, 2012

A Puzzle To Reckon With.

Hi everyone and welcome to Emma's Story, a blog about the trials and triumphs living with 10p13!

     I will start off with a few of the basics that I can and we will have Mommy (Mickayla) continue to fill in as we go.  I am "Aunt" Sami, a title I wear with much pride (the bulldog collar that came with the job is a nice accessory to the daily wardrobe).  We are very moved by how many lives Emma has touched in her 2 months of life, words can not express the gratitude felt towards those on our Team Emma!  Our hopes are that while we can keep everyone updated on Emma's status with this blog, she will continue to touch the lives of many around.

     Mickayla had Hyperemesis Gravidarum while pregnant, this is basically unrelenting, excessive pregnancy related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids.  It was one day at a time for mom and baby, and that day finally came where one of the most trying pregnancies had finally come to an end.  But with the end of one chapter we all had to feel concern about what the next one would hold.  Emma Lee McGovern was born February 14, 2012, 4lb 7oz and 17.5 in. and healthy as could be!  We were all so relieved to finally have this perfect baby girl in our arms, and see Mommy eating again (yes there was a Dr Pepper in the waiting for this moment).  Feedings went well, breathing was normal and body temperature while somewhat changing maintained well with an extra blanket here and there.  We had the all clear, Mom and baby looked great and they were sent home just a couple short days later.  The next several weeks passed with small concerns, but nothing really too trying.  Emma's hearing would need tested again, while she did test 2 out of 4 she needs a 3 out of 4 to be considered passing.  The pediatrician expressed some concern with a few physical features and wanted to have genetic testing done, to err on the side of caution.  And aside from some acid reflux, who doesn't have that these days, everything looked great for Emma.  No one had any idea, the devastation that was upon us.

     On the day of March 27, 2012 Mickayla along with Emma and her Grandma Joy headed to Springfield for Mickayla's 6 week check up.  This would be the day that will forever change all of our lives.  Check up complete, and it was time to break the bank on those Olive Garden gift cards!  Once seated at Olive Garden Mickayla reached to get Emma from her car seat only to discover that she was blue, she had quit breathing.  Passing Emma off to her Great Grandma Joy telling her to do something, she's not breathing, Mickayla was facing any parents worst nightmare.  What events were to follow are nothing short of amazing.  At the Olive Garden was a handful (or so) of off duty medical professionals that were able to immediately start working on Emma.  What are the chances?!?!  Two things about that day tell me that there are angels surrounding this little girl!  For those who may not know, The McGoverns live outside of Rushville and their drive to Springfield is over an hour.  Springfield's St. Johns hospital has some of the most amazing children's doctors around our area.  Not only were they already in Springfield at the time of this episode, they were also surrounded by capable medical professionals!  They were all taken to St. Johns, a few episodes later and then finally stabilized, so begins the new journey of Emma!

Emma 02.14.2012
Emma 04.12.2012

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  1. Tears immediately upon the reminder of all the things that have happened since I met Mickayla and Kory with their baby bump. Daily updates from "Aunt" Sami since the Olive Garden and one late evening giggle in the entrance of St. Johns with snacks for Kory and the introduction of MIO energy....My hugs and prayers to and for you all are uncountable at this point and will continue....
    Love You


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