Friday, April 27, 2012

A month had passed.. Still in the PICU..

April 27 2012

The days of the week usually aren't a big deal to me, being a stay at home Mommy. . unless it's the work season for Daddy and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are very special days for us because those are the only days he is home. But when you think of days that stand out to you,.. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. The 27th wasn't a day to recall for me until March 27th 2012. This was the day that as you know, changed my life and the lives of everyone who knows my husband and our children. March 27th was the day Emma quit breathing at the Olive Garden. So as you see its been a month.

This month has seemed like 20 years! But we are improving and Emma should be going home soon! 

She will be having her G tube surgery on May 1, 2012 sometime in the morning. Dr Meier is her surgeon. He's great! ! Leona is who we will see for all herG tube needs in the future!

Her surgery went well and we will be discharged in a few days! Thursday May 3, 2012 is the goal!

praise God for his blessings!! :)

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